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TitleLo-Dash Essentials
Sub TitleImplement fast, lean, and readable code effectively with Lo-Dash
AuthorAdam Boduch
CategoryComputer & Programming
ISBN978-1-78439-833-0, 1784398330
File Size9.7 MB
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Lo-Dash Essentials walks you through the Lo-Dash utility library, which promises consistency and performance in JavaScript development. This book looks into the most common functions and the various contexts in which they’re used. You’ll first start with object types and their properties, then you’ll dive into larger development patterns, such as MapReduce, and how to chain functionality together. Following this, you’ll learn how to make suitable builds for various environments, and discover how high-level patterns complement one another and how they lead to reusable building blocks for applications. Finally, you will gain some practical exposure to Lo-Dash by working alongside other libraries, and learn some useful techniques for improving performance.

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