Download Magento 1.4 Theming Cookbook PDF

TitleMagento 1.4 Theming Cookbook
Sub TitleOver 40 recipes to create a fully functional, feature rich, customized Magento theme
AuthorJose Argudo Blanco
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size3.2 MB
Total Download17

Magento is the fastest growing PHP-based ecommerce solution. It is a professional, polished application that can be extended or customized with PHP code. Magento theming is a very interesting topic but it can be difficult to get the hang of. Magento 1.4 Theming Cookbook is like a toolbox for building Magento themes. Thanks to its cookbook approach, the recipes found in this book can be applied in almost any Magento theme. This book will help you to create a Magento theme using recipes in a step-by-step approach. Although you can dive into any individual recipe, the cookbook is organized in a way that will help beginners learn Magento theming by doing. More advanced users can refer to just the recipes that will be useful to them. You will learn how to add sliders, Cufon font replacements, social media, lightbox, and much more!

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