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TitleMastering CentOS 7 Linux Server
Sub TitleConfigure, manage, and secure a CentOS 7 Linux server to serve a variety of services provided in a sustainable computer's infrastructure.
AuthorBhaskarjyoti Roy Mohamed Alibi
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsLinux Unix
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Most server infrastructures are equipped with at least one Linux server that provides many essential services, both for a user’s demands and for the infrastructure itself. Setting up a sustainable Linux server is one of the most demanding tasks for a system administrator to perform. However, learning multiple, new technologies to meet all of their needs is time-consuming. CentOS 7 is the brand new version of the CentOS Linux system under the RPM (Red Hat) family. It is one of the most widely-used operating systems, being the choice of many organizations across the world. With the help of this book, you will explore the best practices and administration tools of CentOS 7 Linux server along with implementing some of the most common Linux services. We start by explaining the initial steps you need to carry out after installing CentOS 7 by briefly explaining the concepts related to users, groups, and right management, along with some basic system security measures. Next, you will be introduced to the most commonly used services and shown in detail how to implement and deploy them so they can be used by internal or external users. Soon enough, you will be shown how to monitor the server. We will then move on to master the virtualization and cloud computing techniques. Finally, the book wraps up by explaining configuration management and some security tweaks. All these topics and more are covered in this comprehensive guide, which briefly demonstrates the latest changes to all of the services and tools with the recent shift from CentOS 6 to CentOS 7.

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