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TitleMastering Hadoop
Sub TitleGo beyond the basics and master the next generation of Hadoop data processing platforms
AuthorSandeep Karanth
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsBig Data Data Mining
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Hadoop is synonymous with Big Data processing. Its simple programming model, “code once and deploy at any scale” paradigm, and an ever-growing ecosystem makes Hadoop an all-encompassing platform for programmers with different levels of expertise. This book explores the industry guidelines to optimize MapReduce jobs and higher-level abstractions such as Pig and Hive in Hadoop 2.0. Then, it dives deep into Hadoop 2.0 specific features such as YARN and HDFS Federation. This book is a step-by-step guide that focuses on advanced Hadoop concepts and aims to take your Hadoop knowledge and skill set to the next level. The data processing flow dictates the order of the concepts in each chapter, and each chapter is illustrated with code fragments or schematic diagrams.

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