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TitleMastering Natural Language Processing with Python
Sub TitleMaximize your NLP capabilities while creating amazing NLP projects in Python
AuthorDeepti Chopra Iti Mathur Nisheeth Joshi
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Natural Language Processing is one of the fields of computational linguistics and artificial intelligence that is concerned with human-computer interaction. It provides a seamless interaction between computers and human beings and gives computers the ability to understand human speech with the help of machine learning. This book will give you expertise on how to employ various NLP tasks in Python, giving you an insight into the best practices when designing and building NLP-based applications using Python. It will help you become an expert in no time and assist you in creating your own NLP projects using NLTK. You will sequentially be guided through applying machine learning tools to develop various models. We’ll give you clarity on how to create training data and how to implement major NLP applications such as Named Entity Recognition, Question Answering System, Discourse Analysis, Transliteration, Word Sense disambiguation, Information Retrieval, Sentiment Analysis, Text Summarization, and Anaphora Resolution.

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