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TitleMastering OpenCV Android Application Programming
Sub TitleMaster the art of implementing computer vision algorithms on Android platforms to build robust and efficient applications
AuthorVinjn Zhang
CategoryComputer & Programming
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OpenCV is a famous computer vision library, used to analyze and transform copious amounts of image data, even in real time and on a mobile device. This book focuses on leveraging mobile platforms to build interactive and useful applications. The book starts off with an introduction to OpenCV and Android and how they interact with each other using OpenCV’s Java API. You’ll also discover basic image processing techniques such as erosion and dilation of images, before walking through how to build more complex applications, such as object detection, image stitching, and face detection. As you progress, you will be introduced to OpenCV’s machine learning framework, enabling you to make your applications smarter. The book ends with a short chapter covering useful Android tips and tricks and some common errors and solutions that people might face while building an application. By the end of the book, readers will have gained more expertise in building their own OpenCV projects for the Android platform and integrating OpenCV application programming into existing projects.

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