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TitleMastering Splunk
Sub TitleOptimize your machine-generated data effectively by developing advanced analytics with Splunk
AuthorJames Miller
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsData Mining Analysis
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Splunk is the definitive technology solution used to manage the ever-growing volumes of machine-generated data. This technology is indispensable for industries involved in big data analysis, online services, education, finance, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications. So, having Splunk experience will be relevant for a long time to come! This book will first take you through the evolution of Splunk and how it fits into an organization’s architectural roadmap. Master advanced search topics and explore in-depth methods to leverage Splunk tables, charts, fields, and other cases. As we advance through the chapters, you will master the best practices of values and lookups, indexes, business effective dashboards, and discover the cornerstones of how to evolve your current Splunk application and its monitoring capabilities. Finally, we round things off with the discussion of transactions from an enterprise perspective.

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