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TitleMastering Swift
Sub TitleMaster Apple's new Swift programming language by following the best practices to write efficient and powerful code
AuthorJon Hoffman
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Swift is Apple’s new innovative and user-friendly development language, which is packed with modern features to make programming easier, fun, and flexible. This book begins by giving you a solid Introduction to the Swift programming language so you can quickly begin developing applications using this interesting language. It also covers advanced topics such as Objective-C interoperability, ARC, closures, and concurrency. Each concept covered is backed up with example code and demonstrates how to properly execute it. Next, you will be taught about all of the advanced features of Swift, and its interaction with Apple’s APIs and libraries. You’ll then learn to interact with REST-based web services using Swift. We will conclude the book by getting equipped to design and build applications using established design patterns.

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