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TitleMaven Build Customization
Sub TitleDiscover the real power of Maven 3 to manage your Java projects more effectively than ever
AuthorGiacomo Veneri Lorenzo Anardu Riccardo Giomi Roberto Baldi Umberto Antonio Cicero
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Maven is one of the most popular tools used to control the dependencies and to administer a Java project. Maven can be used by newbies without the need to learn complex mechanisms, but it is also a powerful tool for big projects developed by different teams and organized over different modules and repositories. This book will provide you with all the information you need, right from managing dependencies to improving the build process of your organization. Starting with a simple project, you will create your development environment step-by-step, automatically build your code from resources (XML, DB), and package your JAR, WAR, and EAR files for different environments. Furthermore, you will learn about the complex hereditary features of Maven. Finally, this book will benefit you by teaching Maven-Gradle and Maven-Eclipse integration using the m2e plugin, managing the Maven repository from Gradle, and building a working Maven environment from Gradle Giacomo Veneri, Lorenzo Anardu, Riccardo Giomi, Roberto Baldi, Umberto Antonio Cicero

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