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TitleMicro, Nanosystems and Systems on Chips
Sub TitleModeling, Control, and Estimation
AuthorAlina Voda
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsHardware DIY
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Micro and nanosystems represent a major scientific and technological challenge, with actual and potential applications in almost all fields of the human activity. The aim of the present book is to present how concepts from dynamical control systems (modeling, estimation, observation, identification, feedback control) can be adapted and applied to the development of original very small-scale systems and of their human interfaces. The application fields presented here come from micro and nanorobotics, biochips, near-field microscopy (AFM and STM) and nanosystems networks. Alina Voda has drawn contributions from leading experts at top research universities in France to produce a first overview of the major role that control systems science can play in the development of micro and nanosciences and technologies.

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