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TitleMicroservices From Day One
Sub TitleBuild robust and scalable software from the start
AuthorCloves Carneiro Tim Schmelmer
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Learn what a microservices architecture is, its advantages, and why you should consider using one when starting a new application. The book describes how taking a microservices approach from the start helps avoid the complexity and expense of moving to a service-oriented approach after applications reach a critical code base size or traffic load. Microservices from Day One discusses many of the decisions you face when adopting a service-oriented approach and defines a set of rules to follow for easily adopting microservices. The book provides simple guidelines and tips for dividing a problem domain into services. It also describes best practices for documenting and generating APIs and client libraries, testing applications with service dependencies, optimizing services for client performance, and much more. Throughout the book, you will follow the development of a sample project to see how to apply the best practices described.

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