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TitleMicrosoft Dynamics GP 2013 Cookbook
Sub TitleOver 110 immediately usable and effective recipes to solve real-world Dynamics GP problems
AuthorMark Polino Ian Grieve
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size20.1 MB
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Microsoft Dynamics GP is an enterprise resource planning system, essentially an accounting system on steroids, designed for mid-sized organizations. The implementation of Dynamics GP is usually considered to be complex, and people often realize there must be more efficient ways of working with the system. This book will show readers how to improve their use of Dynamics GP and get the most out of this tool quickly and effectively. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Cookbook picks up where implementation training leaves off. Whether you are new or experienced you will find useful recipes for improving the way you use and work with Dynamics GP. The clear recipe steps and screenshots make implementing these solutions easy for users of any level and will be sure to improve your efficiency with the Dynamics GP 2013 system.

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