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TitleMondrian in Action
Sub TitleOpen source business analytics
AuthorJulian Hyde Nicholas Goodman William D. Back
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsData Mining Analysis
File Size7.6 MB
Total Download202

Mondrian is an open source, lightning-fast data analysis engine designed to help you explore your business data and perform speed-of-thought analysis. Mondrian can be integrated into a wide variety of business analysis applications and learning it requires no specialized technical knowledge. Mondrian in Action teaches you to use Mondrian for strategic business analysis. In it, you’ll learn how to organize and present data in a multidimensional manner. You’ll follow apt and thoroughly explained examples showing how to create a Mondrian schema and then expand it to add basic security based on users’ roles. Developers will discover how to integrate Mondrian using its olap4j Java API and web service calls via XML for Analysis.

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