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TitleMongoDB Cookbook
Sub TitleOver 80 practical recipes to design, deploy, and administer MongoDB
AuthorAmol Nayak
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size5.7 MB
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MongoDB is a powerful and dynamic tool that lies at the foundations of the next generation of web development. As one of the world’s leading NoSQL databases it offers developers a reliable and proven solution to the challenge of data-intensive computing, providing an exceptional and modern way of handling data. MongoDB Cookbook is an essential resource for anyone tasked with working with MongoDB, delivering quick solutions to common problems and detailed guidance to help you learn how to optimize and get more from MongoDB. With more than 80 recipes to help you learn how to optimize MongoDB as well as simple and effective steps to common challenges and the fundamentals of MongoDB, MongoDB Cookbook is an unmissable technical book. You’ll find recipes covering an extensive range of tasks and problems to help you covering everything from database administration fundamentals to the more complex problems of database management. Find information on installing and setting up MongoDB, learn command-line operations and indexes, explore how to use PyMongo and find out how MongoDB interacts with a Java client. You’ll also find recipes demonstrating best practices for administration and deployment, along with tips and strategies you can learn and implement to optimize the performance of your database. Beyond this, you will also uncover recipes on integrating MongoDB with Hadoop, teaching you how MongoDB can help you tackle the modern challenge of Big Data.

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