Download Moodle 2.5 Multimedia Cookbook, Second Edition PDF

TitleMoodle 2.5 Multimedia Cookbook, Second Edition
Sub Title75 recipes to help you integrate different multimedia resources into your Moodle courses to make them more interactive
AuthorSilvina P. Hilar
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsWeb Development
File Size23.7 MB
Total Download27

Moodle is an open source virtual learning environment that is widely used in schools and businesses, specifically multimedia elements to enhance the user experience. Moodle 2.5 Multimedia Cookbook provides quick recipes to make your Moodle courses more fun and engaging for your audience, taking you beyond the standard. This cookbook will take you from your basic Moodle course to having a fully-fledged interactive user experience. We start by creating the user experience itself, moving to working with maps and charts before exploring how to embed audio, video and music to really make your Moodle course all it can be for your users.

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