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TitleMPLS in the SDN Era
Sub TitleInteroperable Scenarios to Make Networks Scale to New Services
AuthorAntonio Sanchez Monge Krzysztof Grzegorz Szarkowicz
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsHardware DIY
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How can you make multivendor services work smoothly on today’s complex networks? This practical book shows you how to deploy a large portfolio of multivendor Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) services on networks, down to the configuration level. You’ll learn where Juniper Network’s Junos, Cisco’s IOS XR, and OpenContrail, interoperate and where they don’t. Two network and cloud professionals from Juniper describe how MPLS technologies and applications have rapidly evolved through services and architectures such as Ethernet VPNs, Network Function Virtualization, Seamless MPLS, Egress Protection, External Path Computation, and more. This book contains no vendor bias or corporate messages, just solid information on how to get a multivendor network to function optimally. Antonio Sanchez Monge, Krzysztof Grzegorz Szarkowicz

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