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TitleObject-Oriented Analysis, Design and Implementation, 2nd Edition
Sub TitleAn Integrated Approach
AuthorBrahma Dathan Sarnath Ramnath
CategoryComputer & Programming
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The second edition of this textbook includes revisions based on the feedback on the first edition. In a new chapter the authors provide a concise introduction to the remainder of UML diagrams, adopting the same holistic approach as the first edition. Using a case-study-based approach for providing a comprehensive introduction to the principles of object-oriented design, it includes: The focus of the book is on implementation aspects, without which the learning is incomplete. This is achieved through the use of case studies for introducing the various concepts of analysis and design, ensuring that the theory is never separate from the implementation aspects. All the main case studies used in this book have been implemented by the authors using Java. An appendix on Java provides a useful short tutorial on the language.

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