Download Oracle Database 11g – Underground Advice for Database Administrators PDF

TitleOracle Database 11g – Underground Advice for Database Administrators
Sub TitleA real-world DBA survival guide for Oracle 11g database implementations
AuthorApril Sims
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size6.9 MB
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This book is designed to cover the problems that novice DBAs particularly struggle with. This handbook covers a minimal amount of theoretical information before showing you how to overcome common problems through the use of real-life examples. It covers both Oracle 11g R1 and 11g R2 in examples, with material applicable to all versions of Oracle. This book is for you if you find yourself in charge of an Oracle database. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Whether you are a single employee or the DBA manager of several employees, whether you are taking over an existing position or taking up a newly created one – this book is designed to be a sanity check. If you need guidance for migrating to 11g or implementing Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture, you will find this book very helpful.

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