Download Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: First Look PDF

TitleOracle WebLogic Server 12c: First Look
Sub TitleA sneak peek at Oracle's newly launched WebLogic 12c, guiding you through new features and techniques
AuthorMichel Schildmeijer
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsOracle Networks Protocols APIs
File Size4.1 MB
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Oracle Weblogic 12c is Oracle’s number 1 strategic Application Server – able to run on both cloud computing systems and conventional ones. Oracle WebLogic 12c implements the new JAVA EE 6 standard and supports JAVA SE 7, and this book will guide you through all the new features, enhancements, and tools inside the new 12c release. “Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: First Look” offers a focused look at the new Weblogic features with real world examples. This practical guide gives clear explanations and dives deep into all the definitions and concepts of Weblogic 12c. This book starts with a short introduction to WebLogic 12c. It then swiftly covers the new features of JAVA EE and SE where we will also learn to develop Java EE 6 applications. This book also covers the new configuration and deployment features. Finally all the new cloud features and techniques will be highlighted, including integration with Enterprise Manager 12c.

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