Download PHP 7 Programming Blueprints PDF

TitlePHP 7 Programming Blueprints
Sub TitleDevelop production-ready web applications with PHP
AuthorJose Palala Martin Helmich
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size8.1 MB
Total Download201

With the rise in demand for high performance, PHP’s newest version contains everything you need to build efficient applications. PHP 7 provides improved engine execution, better memory usage, and a better set of tools. This book will get you ready to use PHP 7 to suit your needs. It is filled with complete projects with ready-to-use codes that makes coding easier. With the focus on the new features of PHP 7, we will build various productive projects. If you are a web developer or a consultant, this book will assist you in developing sturdy applications. From learning how to build an e-mail micro service to a mobile back-end application, this book will empower you to use PHP 7 in the best way possible. By the end, you will be able to write server and client-side code.

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