Download PHP Web 2.0 Mashup Projects PDF

TitlePHP Web 2.0 Mashup Projects
Sub TitlePractical PHP Mashups with Google Maps, Flickr, Amazon, YouTube, MSN Search, Yahoo
AuthorShu-Wai Chow
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size10.9 MB
Total Download54

Create PHP projects that grab and mix data from the likes of Google Maps, Flickr, Amazon, YouTube, MSN Search, Yahoo!,, the Internet UPC Database, not to mention the California Highway Patrol Traffic service! If you feel confident with your PHP programming, familiar with the basics of HTML and CSS, unafraid of XML, and interested in mashing things up, this is the book for you! There are a lot of formats and protocols, web services and web APIs encountered in this book – you do not need to know anything about them or about AJAX; you will find all you need in the book.

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