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TitlePostGIS Essentials
Sub TitleLearn how to build powerful spatial database solutions with PostGIS quickly and efficiently
AuthorAngel Marquez
CategoryComputer & Programming
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PostGIS is one of the world’s leading spatial databases, created as a geographic extension for PostgreSQL. With it, users are able to manipulate and visualize spatial data incredibly effectively and efficiently. PostGIS Essentials introduces you to the fundamentals of PostGIS, giving you easy access to one of the most popular and powerful spatial databases available today. You will begin by learning how to install and successfully set up PostGIS before covering how to create your first spatial database. The book will then help you to develop your skills further as you will learn how to insert GIS objects as well as how to select and filter GIS queries with clear and practical information. You will then learn how to display GIS data graphically and create effective visualizations. The book concludes with tips, tricks, and techniques to help you optimize PostGIS and improve the performance of your database.

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