Download PostgreSQL 9 Administration Cookbook, Second Edition PDF

TitlePostgreSQL 9 Administration Cookbook, Second Edition
Sub TitleOver 150 recipes to help you run an efficient PostgreSQL database in the cloud
AuthorGabriele Bartolini
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size35.8 MB
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PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source, object-relational database system, fast becoming one of the world’s most popular server databases with an enviable reputation for performance and stability and an enormous range of advanced features. Starting with short and simple recipes to get you back up and running with an exploration of the ins and outs of your database, you will soon dive into core features such as configuration, server control, tables, and data. This is a practical guide aimed at giving sysadmins and database administrators the necessary toolkit to be able to set up, run, and extend powerful databases with PostgreSQL.

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