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TitlePractical Ruby Projects: Ideas for the Eclectic Programmer
Sub TitleLearn advanced programming techniques and explore Ruby's full potential a varied series of exciting projects
AuthorChristopher Cyll
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Want to take Ruby to the limit? Looking for new, powerful, and creative ideas that will take Ruby beyond Rails and web programming? If you’re comfortable with Ruby, you’ll be itching to go further—apply Practical Ruby Projects: Ideas for the Eclectic Programmer and become a master of advanced Ruby techniques. Rubyist Topher Cyll brings several imaginative projects to this book, ranging from making generative music, animations, and turn–based games to implementing simulations, algorithms, and even an implementation of Lisp! Art, music, theory, and games—this book has it all. Best of all, it’s all done with Ruby. Each chapter, in addition to making you say “Cool—I hadn’t thought of that before,” looks at solving tricky development problems, enforces best practices, and encourages creative thinking. You’ll be building your own exciting, imaginative ruby projects in no time. Create imaginative and innovative Ruby programming projects Learn how to solve tricky development problems, be guided by best practices, and be inspired to think creatively Don’t waste time on the basics—it’s assumed you know the fundamentals of Ruby already

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