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TitlePractical Zendesk Administration, 2nd Edition
Sub TitleA World-Class Customer Service Platform
AuthorAnton de Young Stafford Vaughan
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size8.6 MB
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Implementing the Zendesk customer service software as part of your company’s operations can be time-consuming, but with the best practices and advice in this hands-on guide, you can shorten the procedure considerably. You’ll learn the purpose, benefits, and pitfalls of each Zendesk feature, with examples of how to configure it to match your company’s needs and processes. Written by written by two experienced Zendesk product trainers, this book is distilled from years of working in the trenches, launching customer implementations, and answering thousands of questions from participants throughout the world. With it, you’ll be able to determine the best way to put Zendesk’s vast potential to work for your company.

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