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TitlePro Oracle SQL
Sub TitleExploit the full power of SQL and supporting features in Oracle Database
AuthorJared Still Karen Morton Kerry Osborne Riyaj Shamsudeen Robyn Sands
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Pro Oracle SQL unlocks the power of SQL in the Oracle Database – one of the most potent SQL implementations on the market today. To master it requires a three-pronged approach: learn the language features, learn the supporting features that Oracle provides to help use the language effectively, and learn to think and work in sets. You’ll learn when to create indexes, how to verify that they make a difference, how to use SQL Profiles to optimize SQL in packaged applications, and much more. You’ll also understand how SQL is optimized for working in sets, and that the key to getting accurate results lies in making sure that queries ask clear and precise questions. Jared Still, Karen Morton, Kerry Osborne, Riyaj Shamsudeen, Robyn Sands

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