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TitleProfessional Windows PowerShell Programming
Sub TitleSnapins, Cmdlets, Hosts and Providers
AuthorArul Kumaravel Guohui Xie Jon White Krishna C. Vutukuri « less Michael Naixin Li more »Scott Happell
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size4.9 MB
Total Download250

Providing you with the programmer?s approach to understanding Windows PowerShell, this book introduces the concepts, components, and development techniques for building software packages that leverage the power of PowerShell. The author team of PowerShell experts shows you how PowerShell makes writing code easy by providing a runtime engine with its own parser, plus you?ll discover that with PowerShell, all of the .NET Framework objects become accessible via scripting, making PowerShell a very powerful addition to your toolbox and a popular choice for future development. Arul Kumaravel, Guohui Xie, Jon White, Krishna C. Vutukuri « less, Michael Naixin Li, more »Scott Happell

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