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TitleProgramming 32-bit Microcontrollers in C
Sub TitleExploring the PIC32
AuthorLucio Di Jasio
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsHardware DIY
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*Just months after the introduction of the new generation of 32-bit PIC microcontrollers, a Microchip insider and acclaimed author takes you by hand at the exploration of the PIC32 *Companion website includes source code in C and the Microchip MPLAB C32 compiler *Includes handy checklists to help readers perform the most common programming and debugging tasks The new 32-bit microcontrollers bring the promise of more speed and more performance while offering an unprecedented level of compatibility with existing 8 and 16-bit PIC microcontrollers. In sixteen engaging chapters, using a parallel track to his previous title dedicated to 16-bit programming, the author puts all these claims to test while offering a gradual introduction to the development and debugging of embedded control applications in C. Author Lucio Di Jasio, a PIC and embedded control expert, offers unique insight into the new 32-bit architecture while developing a number of projects of growing complexity. Experienced PIC users and newcomers to the field alike will benefit from the text’s many thorough examples which demonstrate how to nimbly side-step common obstacles, solve real-world design problems efficiently and optimize code using the new PIC32 features and peripheral set. *debugging methods with the MPLAB SIM *simulator and ICD tools *experimenting with the Explorer16 board and *the PIC32 Starter Kit

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