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TitleProgramming for PaaS
Sub TitleA Practical Guide to Coding for Platform-as-a-Service
AuthorLucas Carlson
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsCloud Computing Virtualization
File Size3.1 MB
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Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is gaining serious traction among web and mobile developers, but as new PaaS providers emerge and existing vendors upgrade their features, it’s hard to keep track of what PaaS has to offer. This thorough introduction takes you through the PaaS model from a developer’s point of view, and breaks down the types of services that Google App Engine, Windows Azure, Heroku, Cloud Foundry, and others deliver. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or part of a large enterprise development team, this book shows you how PaaS can help you focus on innovative applications, rather than spend your time worrying about technical operations.

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