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TitlePython Data Visualization Cookbook, Second Edition
Sub TitleOver 70 recipes to get you started with popular Python libraries based on the principal concepts of data visualization
AuthorIgor Milovanovic Dimitry Foures Giuseppe Vettigli
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsPython Data Mining Processing
File Size7.7 MB
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Python Data Visualization Cookbook will progress the reader from the point of installing and setting up a Python environment for data manipulation and visualization all the way to 3D animations using Python libraries. Readers will benefit from over 60 precise and reproducible recipes that will guide the reader towards a better understanding of data concepts and the building blocks for subsequent and sometimes more advanced concepts. Python Data Visualization Cookbook starts by showing how to set up matplotlib and the related libraries that are required for most parts of the book, before moving on to discuss some of the lesser-used diagrams and charts such as Gantt Charts or Sankey diagrams. Initially it uses simple plots and charts to more advanced ones, to make it easy to understand for readers. As the readers will go through the book, they will get to know about the 3D diagrams and animations. Maps are irreplaceable for displaying geo-spatial data, so this book will also show how to build them. In the last chapter, it includes explanation on how to incorporate matplotlib into different environments, such as a writing system, LaTeX, or how to create Gantt charts using Python. Dimitry Foures, Giuseppe Vettigli, Igor Milovanovic

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