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TitleRolling Out 5G
Sub TitleUse Cases, Applications, and Technology Solutions
AuthorBiljana Badic Christian Drewes Ingolf Karls Markus Mueck
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsComputer Science
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Rolling Out 5G: Use Cases, Applications, and Technology Solutions describes insufficiencies and challenges of 4G in the light of impending and crucial future communication needs, details lessons learned from an implementation and system operation background, and illustrates the way towards the next generation – 5G. Key changes and additions to 5G in terms of use cases, applications for and explorations of the technology are discussed. Among all of the technological disruptions, two stand out in particular – mmWave and spectrum sharing technologies. This book features detailed coverage of these two critical topics, and for the first time among 5G learning resources presents a holistic perspective on key ingredients for mobile communication in a 5G world. The authors represent highly experienced experts with valuable know-how in the field of wireless communications related research projects defining future technological trends. This unique group of talents will be able to consider the 5G technology evolution from all angles mentioned: long-term research, standardization and regulation, product design and marketization. This approach allows this much-needed book to capture the views of all key decision making stake-holders involved in the 5G definition process, and to serve readers in their roles connected with wireless communication’s next generation of prroducts and services. Biljana Badic, Christian Drewes, Ingolf Karls, Markus Mueck

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