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TitleRuby Wizardry
Sub TitleAn Introduction to Programming for Kids
AuthorEric Weinstein
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size6.8 MB
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The Ruby programming language is perfect for beginners: easy to learn, powerful, and fun to use! But wouldn’t it be more fun if you were learning with the help of some wizards and dragons? Ruby Wizardry is a playful, illustrated tale that will teach you how to program in Ruby by taking you on a fantastical journey. As you follow the adventures of young heroes Ruben and Scarlet, you’ll learn real programming skills. Along the way, you’ll meet colorful characters from around the kingdom, like the hacker Queen, the Off-White Knight, and Wherefore the minstrel. Ruby Wizardry will have you (or your little wizard) hooked on programming in no time.

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