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TitleSFML Blueprints
Sub TitleSharpen your game development skills and improve your C++ and SFML knowledge with five exciting projects
AuthorMaxime Barbier
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsSoftware Game Programming
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SFML is a cross-platform software development library written in C++ with bindings available for many programming languages. This book contains useful information that you’ll need to create any kind of 2D games. Starting with the basics of game programming, resource management, and building simple 2D games, you’ll then delve into more complex features such as the physics engine, constructing a game UI, and more advanced concepts of 2D gaming using SFML. You’ll develop advanced functionality in your game using the concept of multithreading and learn how various threads interact. In later chapters, you’ll quickly grasp the usage and implementation of isometric views and image transformation in your 2D real time tower defense game. You’ll wrap up by adding networking and database management systems to your game with SQLite using an ORM.

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