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TitleStopping Spam
Sub TitleStamping Out Unwanted Email and News Postings
AuthorSimson Garfinkel Alan Schwartz
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsNetwork Administration
File Size24.6 MB
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This is a book about spam — unwanted email messages and inappropriate news articles — and what you can do to prevent it, stop it, and even outlaw it. It’s a book for people who have seen their mailboxes fill up with useless messages and unsolicited advertisements, and who are tired of footing the bill for them in their Internet service charges. It’s a book for people who are upset that they can’t find the on-topic postings in their once-helpful newsgroups, and fear that the community of newsgroup readers will dissolve in disgust.Stopping Spam looks at the problem of spam and explains ways you can eliminate unwanted messages and news postings. It provides information of use to individual users (who don’t want to be bothered by spam) and to system administrators (also news administrators, mail administrators, and network administrators, who are responsible for minimizing spam problems within their organizations or service providers). It covers:

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