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TitleThe Architecture of Privacy
Sub TitleOn Engineering Technologies that Can Deliver Trustworthy Safeguards
AuthorAri Gesher Courtney Bowman Daniel Slate Elissa Lerner John K Grant
CategoryComputer & Programming
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Technology’s influence on privacy not only concerns consumers, political leaders, and advocacy groups, but also the software architects who design new products. In this practical guide, experts in data analytics, software engineering, security, and privacy policy describe how software teams can make privacy-protective features a core part of product functionality, rather than add them late in the development process. Ideal for software engineers new to privacy, this book helps you examine privacy-protective information management architectures and their foundational components—building blocks that you can combine in many ways. Policymakers, academics, students, and advocates unfamiliar with the technical terrain will learn how these tools can help drive policies to maximize privacy protection. Ari Gesher, Courtney Bowman, Daniel Slate, Elissa Lerner, John K Grant

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