Download Transportation Management with SAP TM 9 PDF

TitleTransportation Management with SAP TM 9
Sub TitleA Hands-on Guide to Configuring, Implementing, and Optimizing SAP TM
AuthorJayant Daithankar Tejkumar Pandit
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size19.1 MB
Total Download294

Transportation Management with SAP TM 9 is a guide for CIO/CXOs evaluating options for various transportation management solutions available in the market and helps inappropriate decision making before committing investment. A proven evaluation framework and guidance provided in the book can help decision makers with product selection and help to create a business case for management approval and design a future roadmap for the organization. The book provides a comprehensive understanding of what SAP transportation management is and is useful for teams involved in TM Implementation and roll outs to ensure preparedness. The book explains end-to-end freight life cycle processes, functional system landscape, implementation challenges and post go-live precautions required to optimize investments in SAP TM.

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