Download Twilio Cookbook, 2nd Edition PDF

TitleTwilio Cookbook, 2nd Edition
Sub TitleOver 70 easy-to-follow recipes, from exploring the key features of Twilio to building advanced telephony apps
AuthorRoger Stringer
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsServices APIs
File Size2.9 MB
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Have you ever wanted to integrate phone features into a project you were working on? Maybe you wanted to send SMS messages to your customers about the latest sales? Maybe you want to set up a company directory with voice mail? Or maybe you want to add two-factor authentication to your web sites to verify your users? Since Twilio was launched in 2007, developers have had an easy and efficient way to do these tasks. The power of Twilio’s API is huge and lets you add any type of phone solution to your website from two-factor authentication to verify your users, to setting up a company directory and a voice mail system. The possibilities are endless. This book is a must have for Twilio development, providing you with a number of clear step-by-step exercises. It helps you take advantage of the real power of the Twilio API, and gives you a good foundation in using it in your websites.

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