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TitleUnity 4 Game Development
Sub TitleDevelop spectacular gaming content by exploring and utilizing Unity 4
AuthorJate Wittayabundit
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsGame Programming
ISBN978-1-84969-558-9, 184969558X
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Immerse yourself in the world of high-end game design by partaking in challenging missions. Start off by working with the Sprite Mode, then learn the basics of creating a UI system for an RPG, and work your way through the game virtually embodying your greatest hero or heroine. Every project is designed to push your Unity skills to the limit and beyond. You will start by creating a 2D platform game with the new 2D sprite feature and move on to the Unity GUI system. Then, you will create a 3D character and make it move. By the end of this book, you will know how to post the player’s score to the hi-score board. * Explore 2D Sprite character animation, rigid body, physics raycast, and camera type * Create custom UI graphics, scripts, a draggable window, and dynamic UI using the Unity GUI system * Code using surface shader programming and learn the basics of shaders * Create a rocket launcher, built-in fire particle effect, and custom particle effect * Load and save with PlayerPrefs and post the hi-score to the database using PHP and MySQL. An easy-to-follow hands-on step-by-step project. Each project includes the complete source code and assets having screenshots and diagrams. If you are an experienced user who has a basic knowledge of how to use the Unity game engine, or are an intermediate user who wants to learn more tips and tricks in using the Unity game engine, this book is ideal for you.

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