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TitleVisual Basic 2005 Recipes
Sub TitleA Problem-Solution Approach (Expert's Voice in .NET)
AuthorAllen Jones Matthew MacDonald Rakesh Rajan Todd Herman
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsC C++ Visual Basic
File Size4.2 MB
Total Download111

This book is an invaluable companion when tackling a wide range of Visual Basic 2005 problems. It meets your need for fast, effective solutions to the difficulties you encounter in your coding projects. The book collates these problems and explains their available solutions. These one-stop solutions have been chosen with professional developers in mind and feature a careful balance of code and text: the code gives you everything you need to solve the problem at hand, while the accompanying text carefully explains how it solves your problem and, more importantly, why it works the way it does. Allen Jones, Matthew MacDonald, Rakesh Rajan, Todd Herman

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