Download WebSocket Essentials – Building Apps with HTML5 WebSockets PDF

TitleWebSocket Essentials – Building Apps with HTML5 WebSockets
Sub TitleBuild your own real-time web applications using HTML5 WebSockets
AuthorVarun Chopra
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsCSS Apps
File Size4.2 MB
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WebSocket facilitates complete duplex communication between the client and server. HTML5 made it possible to create enterprise-level applications considering the important parameters related to application maintainability. All these enhanced features help developers to remove the dependency on different plugins. Starting with the basics of HTML5, you will work your way through the process of implementing different applications using WebSockets and HTML5 using the Node.js server. You will explore how to use WebSockets on the mobile and tablet platforms and build a real-time drawing application in HTML5 utilizing WebSockets. You will also learn how to set up the Node.js server and develop an app for presentation sharing. By the end of this book, you will be familiar with the technology and will have learned how to enhance your HTML5 web application development using modern tools.

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