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TitleWindows Phone 7 Developer Guide
Sub TitleBuilding connected mobile applications with Microsoft Silverlight
AuthorAlex Homer Dominic Betts Federico Boerr Jose Gallardo Salazar Scott Densmore
CategoryComputer & Programming
TagsWindows Phone
File Size5.8 MB
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This guide describes a scenario around a fictitious company named Tailspin that has decided to include Windows Phone 7 as a client device for their existing cloud-based application. Their Windows Azure-based application named Surveys is described in detail in a previous book in this series, DevelopingApplications for the Cloud. After reading this book, you will be familiar with how to design and implement applications for Windows Phone 7 that take advantage of remote services to obtain and upload data while providing a great user experience on the device. Alex Homer, Dominic Betts, Federico Boerr, Jose Gallardo Salazar, Scott Densmore

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