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TitleBuilding Microservices with ASP.NET Core
Sub TitleDevelop, Test, and Deploy Cross-Platform Services in the Cloud
AuthorKevin Hoffman
CategoryComputer & Programming
File Size4.0 MB
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At a time when nearly every vertical, regardless of domain, seems to need software running in the cloud to make money, microservices provide the agility and drastically reduced time to market you require. This hands-on guide shows you how to create, test, compile, and deploy microservices, using the ASP.NET Core free and open-source framework. Along the way, you’ll pick up good, practical habits for building powerful and robust services. Building microservices isn’t about learning a specific framework or programming language; it’s about building applications that thrive in elastically scaling environments that don’t have host affinity, and that can start and stop at a moment’s notice. This practical book guides you through the process.

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